Smoking is harmful, probably enough people have told you by now. But did you also explain to you that the most dangerous thing is not the nicotine, but the burned items that get into your body together with gases?

And that's exactly why you are already improving your health by using ubreath. With nicotine replacement therapy with the help of the vaporizer, you will continue to consume the nicotine and thus prevent withdrawal symptoms, but you will stop the immediate absorption of the soot particles.

Cool right? And because you "only" consume nicotine vapor, you are no longer a smoker from this point on. It doesn't get any better, right?

But: We go one step further and integrate all the data that our nicotine vaporizer collects in an app that is personalized for you. So you not only find out everything about your actual smoking behavior - pardon: your nicotine consumption, but also get valuable mindfulness training exercises that enable you to permanently change your habit. You can find out why this works "here".

What happens when you smoke and

why do I become addicted?

Actually, it's pretty mean. Because you develop not just one, but two addictions that reinforce each other.

Unfortunately, the common methods of smoking cessation often only solve one of these addictions, which means that the continued active addiction can lead to relapses.

Okay, wait a minute. Let's take another step back.


What does two dependencies mean?

Medicine speaks here of a physical and a psychological addiction.
The physical refers to the nicotine. To put it simply, this is absorbed through the lungs and thus reaches the brain. There it releases the happiness messenger substance dopamine. So you feel good.
Unfortunately, your body develops a tolerance over time, which is why you need more and more nicotine and therefore cigarettes to achieve this feeling of wellbeing.

If that were the only addiction, quitting smoking would be comparatively easy and most common smoking cessation methods would work.
But the mean thing is that humans have "developed" something during evolution that makes it difficult for you as a smoker to quit.

We're talking about habits here. Thanks to this, we can automatically process sequences of action and also save energy in the process.

In order for this to work, there are key stimuli and triggers that kick off the habit. And that is so deeply anchored that one can speak of a psychological addiction here.
This means you are just so used to the act of smoking that once the habit is started, it happens automatically.

You might associate smoking with a good meal, sex, a break at work, a certain disco, time of day or emotion. And if you try to quit smoking and expose yourself to these key stimuli, you will relapse because your body unconsciously falls into old patterns.
And suppressing them with willpower is difficult. Like a mosquito bite that you mustn't scratch.

Most recommend complete avoidance strategies. But honestly, how is that supposed to work?
You can't just stop going to work, eating your favorite Italian or partying with friends.

That's why we had the idea to use modern technology to develop an innovative product that eliminates both addictions and enables you to quit smoking in the long term.

Without having to radically change your everyday life or suffering from the usual withdrawal symptoms.

How does it all work?

1. The nicotine vaporizer gives you the amount of nicotine you need to continue to feel good. However, the intelligent technical device reduces the amount of nicotine over time in such minimal doses that you will not notice it while your body gets used to the lower amount.
This way, none of the known withdrawal symptoms arise.

This phase lasts about 6 weeks.

During this process, you will already start mindfulness training via the app.

2. As soon as you get along completely without nicotine, we treat habitual addiction. Since you have already dealt with many important topics in the last 6 weeks, it is now easy for you to slowly and consciously break away from the smoking habit.

And then - Tadaa - you are finally smoke-free.

A doctor and contact person will accompany you the entire time. You always have someone by your side if you want that.

And now comes the best. You are paying yourself to quit smoking.

How is that supposed to work?

Well, ubreath costs you less than your cigarettes. That means: while you quit smoking, you also save money.

We said it could be even better;)