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Note: Product is still in development

No usual withdrawal symptoms

No will-power needed

Personalised to your needs

Quit smoking the
smart way!

nuumi helps you to quit smoking, avoid relapse and build healthy lifestyle habits 


The intelligent 
stop smoking program

nuumi is the first digital concept that combines the medically recommended approach

of nicotine replacement and behavioral therapy for smoking cessation.

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Gradually reduce your nicotine intake with the first intelligent nicotine replacement therapy 

Embark on a rewarding journey of teaching yourself how to be a non-smoker

Track and understand your consumption in real-time with our smart and connected vaporizer

nuumi medizinischer Ansatz

Medical approach

The first digital smoking cessation concept designed to address all aspects of tobacco addiction.

Icon nuumi personalisiertes programm

Personalized program

The program adapts in real-time to your individual needs to keep you on courses toward a smoke-free life. 

nuumi innovative technologie

Innovative Technology

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we are overcoming the limitations of existing therapies.

Icon nuumi wissenschaftliche Expertise

Scientific expertise 

Based on the latest scientific research.

Become a non-smoker without the struggle

No need to quit smoking immediately. No willpower needed. 
Three simple steps to gradually transition into a smoke-free life.


Conquer your
nicotine addiction


the habit


your lifestyle

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Without the known
withdrawal symptoms 

A personalized quit-smoking program

that uses technology to gradually eliminate  common physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.


You shouldn't struggle
to quit. Try it the
smart way.

Supporty by

nuumi is being supported by the Berlin Investment Bank and the European Union through its grant support program "Pro FIT – Frühphasenfinanzierung"

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